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Understanding those who walk through your door is important. Knowing why the others didn’t. That’s game-changing.

Wireless Social - Guest WiFi - Restaurant


Our guest behaviour sensors track who's passing your venue and who's coming through the front door. This data helps you benchmark performance, find weak spots and improve your conversion day by day.

Why Presence

Presence for

  • Prove Your Marketing

    Track marketing campaigns and conversion into venues.

    Supporting The Right Times

    Support timeslot analysis and define what's really working.

    Understand Your Loyal Guests

    Understand how often your guests are coming back and when.

  • Don't let History Repeat

    Use historical Presence data to get ahead and assist forecasting.

    Demonstrate Marketing ROI

    Pinpoint marketing performance and see what converts.

    KPI Setting

    Set marketing and operational KPIs seamlessly.

  • Understand The Landscape

    Track footfall vs. sales data.

    New Opening Support

    Trial Presence when launching a new venue.

    Aid Labour Planning

    Improve labour productivity by using Presence to forecast effectively.

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