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The ultimate solution to supercharge your Guest Wi-Fi experience. It's a powerful platform designed to drive engagement, footfall, and customer satisfaction like never before.


  • 20% Increased dwell time
  • 26% Increased customer visit frequency
  • 265% Increase in data capture

Why Choose Activate?

About Activate

  • Delight your guests by offering vouchers, promotions, and giveaways, providing them with exclusive offers, discounts, and freebies to enhance their experience and encourage return visits. Create personalised and targeted campaigns to foster customer loyalty and satisfaction based on their preferences and needs.

  • Add an extra layer of excitement and engagement to your Wi-Fi login journey with Activate's Predictor feature. Guests can predict scores of games and events, making their Wi-Fi experience truly entertaining. Winners are rewarded with vouchers, incentivising guests to stay even after the event ends, increasing dwell time and revenue potential.

  • Turn your guest Wi-Fi into a robust advertising platform with Publicise, a key component of Activate. Promote offers, new products, partner promotions, and more, maximising marketing opportunities and driving revenue.

Unlock the full potential of your guest Wi-Fi experience

Embrace Activate and watch your customer engagement and satisfaction reach new heights.

Transform your Wi-Fi experience

Elevate your guest Wi-Fi experience with Activate. Drive customer engagement, footfall, and loyalty with surprise offers and targeted campaigns. Let Activate revolutionise the way you connect with your guests.