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Guest WiFi

When a guest connects to your WiFi, you connect with them. Our WiFi goes further. It unlocks everything.

Why Wireless Social WiFi

WiFi is the modern utility. More than a product, it's at the heart of understanding & communicating with your guests.

Wi-Fi for

  • Seamless Guest Journey

    From branded splash page to segmented landing pages, the guest journey is in your control.

    Increase Marketing Data

    With an average opt-in rate of 80%, there has never been an easier way to collect data.

    Understand Guest Behaviours

    Understand who, what, when and why people are visiting your venues.

  • Understanding Visit Frequency

    See how often your guests are returning and how long they are spending with you.

    Low Cost - High Return

    No extra charges, no bolt-ons at a later date. The tools are there as soon as you sign up.

  • Real-Time Micro Surveys

    Understand what your guests think in real-time with our micro survey options.

    Increase Your Reviews

    Integrations with Google Business and Trip Advisor automatically ask your guests for feedback.

    Seamless Log In

    Quick and intuitive for the guest. Your team only need to focus on service.

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