How They Built Their Brand

What are the podcasts all about?

During this podcast series, Julian Ross (CEO of Wireless Social) will be sitting down with the leaders behind some of the fastest growing hospitality brands. Listen to all the episodes below.

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Episode 1: Charlie Gilkes, Inception Group

Charlie Gilkes, co-founder of Inception Group and owner of 11 unique hospitality brands.

During this first 'How They Built Their Brand' podcast conversation - Julian Ross sat down with Charlie Gilkes to break down how a £20,000 investment into a Speakeasy called 'Barts' back into 2009...

Later turned into one of the most unique collections of bars/restaurants across London, just 12 years later.

This conversation will take you on a journey through the inception of Barts, Mr Foggs, Cahoots, Maggies and into the mind of one of London's most inspiring Hospitality entrepreneurs - Charlie Gilkes.

Episode 2: Brandon Stephens, Tortilla

How do you go from ZERO to 50+ locations? 🤔

After 4 years of searching across London for decent Burritos & Tacos... Brandon decided to set-up Tortilla.

And in just over 13 years, he's gone from location in Islington, to over 50+ locations across London & the UK.

This conversation is a story of how a California-born entrepreneur built his Tortilla empire from scratch in the most competitive capital of Europe, through pure grit & determination.

Episode 3: Peter Myers, Frontier Pubs

This conversation will take you on a journey through Peter's hospitality story.

Starting right back at the beginning, with Peter being that 15 year old lad serving drinks & cigs at Café Rouge in Richmond...

All the way through to present day with him now co-running a collection of 10 different neighbourhood pubs across London.

It's a truly fascinating conversation, and one that should serve as a reminder to all new (and old) owner-operators on the importance of the team that you have around you.

...and behind every great leader/manager, there's a world class team!

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