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Top Cities: Vibrancy Ranking

May 2023

The Q1 2023 report reveals Edinburgh as the top-performing city in the UK for hospitality sales and footfall, followed by London and Sheffield. Check out the full report for a focus on London's sales growth and momentum.

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Benchmarking Report

Feb 2023

Measure customer loyalty and the effectiveness of your marketing efforts by understanding where you rank across the industry.

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Driving Footfall With Customer Insights Pack 2023

Jan 2023

This report combines customer insights from Feed It Back, with our own footfall data to identify where the opportunities lay for UK Hospitality operators to help increase their customer satisfaction levels and to increase customer loyalty this coming year (and beyond). Bums on Seats has also helped identify some key practices that you should be undertaking immediately to drive revenue.

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Top UK Cities: 6 Month Review

Jul 2022

Wireless Social and CGA by NielsenIQ have provided monthly 'Top Cities' research, showing an analysis of the vibrancy of Britain’s leading cities over the first six months of 2022. This is our summary of their performance.

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'Plan B' Measures and the impact on Hospitality

Feb 2022

We have taken a look at the impact that the Government's 'Plan B' measures had on pubs, bars and restaurants across the UK.

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12 Tips for Christmas

Dec 2021

Top tips for the Christmas period from industry experts Zonal, Bums on Seats and Wireless Social.

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