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'Plan B' Measures and the impact on Hospitality

Feb 2022

We have taken a look at the impact that the Government's 'Plan B' measures had on pubs, bars and restaurants across the UK.

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12 Tips for Christmas

Dec 2021

Top tips for the Christmas period from industry experts Zonal, Bums on Seats and Wireless Social.

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Insights on Guest Behaviour since Reopening

May 2021

We have partnered with leading hospitality suppliers Fourth and Omnifi, for a joint report to share the data trends that each of our solutions have seen since reopening on April 12th. Plan for the future in terms of labour planning, forecasting, product development and marketing tactics, by learning more about who is going out and when, what people are ordering, and how this differs to behaviour seen pre-lockdown.

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Re-opening Guide

Apr 2021

With so many returning and new guests coming through your doors (or gardens) over coming weeks, we want to ensure you have all the tools you need with your Wireless Social products to drive data collection, repeat visits and increased spend per head. Download our comprehensive guide, with top tips for you to use in the run up to and during opening.

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Capturing Long-term Loyalty

Jan 2021

Growing customer loyalty comes down to not only meeting and exceeding expectations, but also building a relationship with people that visit your venue. This report uses guest data to take a look at changing trends and how to cultivate customer loyalty.

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Insights on Hospitality Recovery

Oct 2020

This report looks at the impact of Coronavirus on the hospitality sector, using footfall and guest behaviour data, hours scheduled, ordering volumes and staffing levels, so you can put your best foot forward in this ever changing business environment.

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