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Data's great. But only if you know what to do with it.

Insights makes sense of your data, so you don't have to.


Data can be your superpower. But only if you truly understand what you can do with it.

Insights breaks it all down into meaningful conclusions, giving you the kind of clarity that helps deliver tangible results.

Why Wireless Social Insights

By using our insights dashboards and reportings, it opens up a whole new way of understanding your guests.

Benefits For

  • Know Your Guests Quickly

    Understand data on guest demographics.

    Prove Campaigns Are Driving Footfall

    Our presence sensors will show you how campaigns are affecting your footfall.

    Easy To Use, Straightforward To Explain

    Reports at your fingertips to analyse and help your strategy..

  • Understand Your Guests Without Extensive Research

    It's all there on the insights dashboard. Simply login

    Prove Campaigns Are Driving Revenue

    Our presence sensors will show you how campaigns are affecting your footfall & dwell time.

    Review Loyalty And Customer Lifetime Value

    Track how often guests are returning and driving profitability.

  • Helps makes decisions quickly

    High footfall outside but not in your venue? Think dwell time has changed? Find out.

    Helps KPI setting for venues

    Help correlate guest behaviour with actual sales.

    Work closer with Marketing teams

    Ensure campaigns are translating into increased visits.

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