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Wednesday 3rd February 2020

We have looked at the reduction in footfall experienced in UK regions and compared it against a pre-lockdown average base week in February 2020.

From January's data, it would appear that the UK are following the lockdown rules, as footfall across the whole of the UK in the past 4 weeks has been at least -74% of the footfall seen in February 2020.

The footfall over the past 4 weekends has stayed consistent, only differing by around 5% on Saturdays, and also 5% on Sundays.

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Friday 8th January 2020

The majority of the UK was under strict lockdown rules over the Christmas and New Year period, with families advised not to gather and all hospitality venues closed.

This is apparent in the drop in footfall in and around city centres. Overall in the UK, the weekends of 26th December and 2nd January were the quietest seen in all of 2020.

On Boxing Day (Sat 26 Dec) footfall was at -79% of the footfall seen in February. And the following weekend (Sat 2 Jan) UK footfall was at -76% of February’s footfall.



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