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How To Videos

How to add a logo and change your splash page design

This video shows you how to:

0:02 - Login to the portal

0:15 - Find a splash page to edit

0:20 - View the list of splash pages already created

0:26 - Create a new template

0:43 - Change the colour theme

0:49 - Upload a new logo

1:04 - Change the colour of the "Choose how to access our WiFi network" bar

1:15 - Add text to the splash page

1:26 - Add or remove an image to the bottom of the splash page

1:39 - Choose which social networks appear as a login method

1:48 - Upload a background image to the splash page

2:05 - SAVE your template

2:11 - Preview your splash page design as it would appear for guests


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