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As a further follow up to our recent blog on [“The Benefits of a Hospitality Focused CRM,”](https://wireless-social.com/inspirations/your-hospitality-crm) we’re excited to present our Fuller’s case study, showcasing the power and value of automated journeys through their partnership with Wireless Social and [Acteol, an Access company.](https://www.theaccessgroup.com/en-gb/crm/sectors/hospitality/) For this case study we’re focusing on the Lapsed Guest Journey, which relies heavily on visit tracking data. The automated journey is set up within the [Acteol platform](https://www.theaccessgroup.com/en-gb/crm/sectors/hospitality/) and sent to any guest that has visited before, but not within the last 6 months. The aim, of course, is to get them back through the door and spending £’s with Fuller’s again.

The results (so far)...

This particular journey has been running since October 2022 and has already generated £173,000 in revenue for Fuller’s to February 2023, through an associated voucher code. With the average spend per customer for this campaign sitting at £82.92, the value is huge when compared to the average spend results from ad-hoc campaign sends, which is typically £25. With the Wireless Social data contributing 56% of all opted-in data for Fuller’s, we can assume that in 5 months around £97,000 of this revenue can be attributed to the Wireless Social data sent through this particular journey alone! It’s invaluable for Fuller’s to be able to clearly see the ROI of such activity and understand the true value of having the combined power of Wireless Social and Acteol in place to deliver time and time again.

What the client says

"Everyone knows that it’s easier and more cost effective to retain customers than gain new ones, so running automated journeys in this way with Wireless Social and Acteol, means that we are generating revenue with very little ongoing effort. And importantly our guests are receiving timely communications that are relevant to them, ensuring that they feel understood and valued as a Fuller's customer." - Matt Barber, Head of Digital Marketing

About Wireless Social and Acteol

Wireless Social provides a huge amount of marketable data and broader behavioural data to fuel client communications through Acteol, an Access Company, the most sophisticated hospitality CRM on the market. By leveraging the combined data of Wireless Social in Acteol along with other customer data sets, venues can truly understand their customers and engage with them at the right time, with the right message and channel to drive repeat visits and increase spend. Reservation data provides the lead booker information, but Wi-Fi offers the opportunity to capture all guests' at table information therefore expanding your data set. To find out more about our integration and partnership contact srickard@wireless-social.com

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