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What does our Integration do?

Wireless Social sends opted-in customer profile, behavioural and insights data to Airship in real-time. This provides a significant contribution to the full guest picture, allowing for highly targeted communications that are relevant and appealing, helping to drive incremental revenue day in, day out. Here are some of the key benefits…

Continuous flow of new marketable data

Wireless Social data typically accounts for 70% of the client’s database with Airship, which is significantly higher than any other single source.

Data in real-time

When a guest accesses the Wi-Fi, we are able to tailor both the Wi-Fi Journey and trigger real-time comms via the Airship platform whilst the guest is in venue, based on who they are, how often they visit, how much they spend (when available) and their favourite things to order.

Track campaign performance & optimise activity

Following a campaign, we can then use Wireless Social data to track any increase in visits to help provide a true ROI on your marketing team’s efforts.

Generate revenue through automation

Easily create automated journeys via the intuitive Airship platform to drive loyalty, triggered by key data points sent by Wireless Social. I.e. Birthdays (using DOB) Lapsed Guests (Visit Count).

The power of personalisation

By adding the micro survey feature to the guest Wi-Fi journey, you can enrich this data further, capturing valuable guest preferences and opinions. Giving marketing teams the tools to ensure the right content is reaching the right people.

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The data feed between Wireless Social and Airship will push all the valuable guest data collected through Wi-Fi logins into Airship, to allow you to setup triggered communications to your guests based on their visit frequency, habits and demographics.