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CGA, data and research consultancy for the out-of-home food and drinks market, have entered into a strategic partnership with guest behaviour and analytics specialists, Wireless Social.

CGA has long been the consultancy of choice for market measurement, consumer research and location planning for the UK hospitality sector. Wireless Social works with major pub, casual dining, and leisure brands, providing Wi-Fi technology, enabling customer data collection, including footfall and guest profile analytics. The partnership comes at a time of great importance for the sector as the combined data is set to be key to help operators in their recovery from the COVID-19 crisis.

Under the new agreement, Wireless Social will be sharing aggregated footfall metrics and demographic data. Existing CGA and Wireless Social customers will have access to a series of enhanced insights alongside existing reports such as the On-Premise Measurement model, Outlet Index, Volume Pool Advanced Analytics and other consumer research, analytic and measurement services. The addition of the new data will highlight key benchmark analytics demonstrating footfall trends, visit frequency and recency, and by demographic segments.

Wireless Social has been reporting on footfall trends throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, with the data being used by many leading operators, Government bodies, and other influential think tanks, to support decision-making and to report on the changing situation. It is hoped that the combined data sets will, for the first time, provide a much clearer picture of the situation in the street and in venues, especially as we start to emerge from the lockdown.

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