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Hedgehog allows operators to drive footfall, offer surprise & delight and increase visit frequency by offering their guests complimentary drinks vouchers when logging into the Wi-Fi.


  • 165% Increase in Wi-Fi data capture for marketing
  • 70% Opt-in rate
  • 58% Voucher redemption from issuance
  • 30% Increase in visit frequency for redeemers


With Hedgehog everyone wins.

Partner brands get their product in the hands of new customers through targeted vouchers across multiple venues.

And guests get the kind of ‘on the house’ benefits they love - free or discounted drinks. At minimal or no cost to you, the operator.

Proven to drive footfall into venues, grow marketing databases, increase guest loyalty and raise awareness of new products.

Why Hedgehog

Benefits For

  • Track The End To End Journey

    From sign up, to promotion to redemption. 100% trackable.

    Increased Data

    Increases data WiFi logins by 165% with an average 80% opt-in rate.

    Target & Promote To Specific Segments

    Ensure your guests get the drinks they love in their hands.

  • Drive Higher Margins

    Drive consumers to try and re-order higher-margin products.

    Miminal Cost To You

    Supported and sponsored by brands. You just reap the rewards.

    Increase Spend Per Head

    Guests are proven to spend more when redeeming a voucher.

  • Find New Guests

    Drive acquisition by promoting Hedgehog as a reason to visit.

    Increase Loyalty

    Use Hedgehog to increase loyalty and visits, at no cost to you.

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