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### The Challenge Wildwood, a restaurant chain, wanted to improve its email capture rate through the guest Wi-Fi system to enhance their marketing efforts, drive footfall and drive revenue growth. ### Our Insights After conducting a thorough analysis of Wildwood's guest Wi-Fi system data, we discovered significant variations in email opt-in rates across the 52-site estate. Some locations had much higher opt-in rates than others, which led us to focus on the 25 sites with the lowest opt-in rates. This approach allowed us to target the specific areas that needed improvement, ensuring our solution was more effective and efficient. ### Our Solution To address the low opt-in rates, we recommended adding a "content box" to the Wi-Fi splash page of the underperforming sites. This box provided an attractive incentive for guests to opt into Wildwood's marketing emails, such as discounts on their next visit or exclusive deals.


Our solution yielded impressive results for Wildwood. Over the course of a month, we saw a 4.7% increase in email opt-in rates across the 25 underperforming sites, resulting in a 25% increase in new marketable users.

Recommended Next Steps

We recommend conducting A/B testing to optimise the design, copy, and incentives of the content box for maximum effectiveness. By continuously testing and optimising our solution, we can ensure that Wildwood's marketing efforts are always driving footfall, loyalty, and revenue growth. A/B testing will involve testing different variations of the content box on a subset of guests to determine the most effective design, copy, and incentives. We can then implement the most successful variation across all sites, ensuring maximum impact. This approach demonstrates the effectiveness of data-driven decision-making and emphasises the importance of continuously optimising marketing efforts to achieve sustained business growth. By adopting this approach, Wildwood can stay ahead of the competition and continue to drive revenue by making the Wi-Fi journey and data work for them.

What the client says

Izzie Darvill, Marketing Manager at Wildwood, said: “The content box option gave us the chance to grow our e-mailable database allowing for further segmentation. After trialling this in half of our restaurants we sure a huge increase of +4.7% in opt-ins and +25.1% more new marketable users. We are now looking at rolling this out across the whole company. Rhiannon and Mike have gone above and beyond with their support and knowledge which made adapting the customer journey very straight forward.”

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