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The challenge

The lockdown of March 2020 hit the hospitality sector, and operators were keen to use new technology to their advantage to increase revenue and drive guests back into their venues to make up for the lost trading months.

Vagabond is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to add to their unique offer, and our Hedgehog solution was a perfect way to use technology to get more £ in their tills while keeping guests satisfied.

Our insights

The Hedgehog solution allowed a popular premium lager brand to sponsor a promotion, triggering vouchers to guests when they log into the WiFi offering them a free pint of their premium lager.

The campaign ran from early September 2020 right through to the second lockdown in early November.

Our solution

The campaign reported a 55% redemption rate of all vouchers issued to Vagabond guests. The overall email redemption rate was 45.5%, the SMS redemption 59.2% and Whatsapp redemption 62.5%.

The biggest demographic to redeem the free pint vouchers were males aged 25-34, which is valuable insight into the drinking habits of Vagabond’s guests.

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