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Maximising game days with Predictor, by Wireless Social

In collaboration with Asahi Super Dry & Fuller’s


Fuller’s were looking to maximise engagement during the 2023 Rugby World Cup. Along with Asahi Super Dry, we partnered to leverage Predictor’s potential. Nothing engages guests better than a touch of competition and gamification. The campaign focused on combining Fuller’s popularity as a go-to pub during game days with Asahi Super Dry as a premium beverage of choice.

Predictor, seamlessly integrated into the Wi-Fi login journey, invites guests to predict Rugby World Cup match scores, enhancing their Wi-Fi experience with excitement. Winners earn vouchers, encouraging extended dwell time after the event, making Predictor a key element to the guest experience on game days.


The primary objectives were to:

  1. Increase game day dwell time and return visits for Fuller’s
  2. Drive brand awareness for Asahi
  3. Drive data capture for Fuller’s

Increase game day dwell time and return visits for Fuller's

By analysing dwell time of Predictor winners compared with nonwinners, we can see that dwell time increased by as much as 104% on some game days and on average across the whole of the World Cup campaign period, dwell time was 30% higher for Predictor winners.

In terms of driving repeat visits, we saw 54% of vouchers redeemed between 2 and 7 days after issuance. We can see that the highest redemptions occurred on Saturdays with 28%, whilst Thursdays recorded the lowest redemption rate with 8% - raising the question: is Thursday truly the new Friday?🤔

Drive brand awareness for Asahi

Overall, this campaign achieved a whopping 45,554 directly trackable impressions for Asahi Super Dry with consumer data available on each one. There were 7,001 predictions made, 70% of which guessed the correct winner and were issued a voucher. The redemption rate for this campaign was 160% higher than Fuller’s average campaign redemption rate

A diverse range of age groups participated in the Rugby World Cup campaign, with the 25-34 age range showing the highest impressions. Additionally, predictive analysis revealed that the 25-34 age group was the most active, predicting the most with 29%, followed closely by the 35-44 age group with 20%.

We trialled a few different campaign types with the ‘Free Pint’ emerging as the clear winner. Contrary to expectations, customers aged +65 had the highest issuance to redemption rate at 16%, followed by the 55-64 age group at 15%, and the 45-54 age group at 14%. Cheers to the seniors for maximising those free drinks!

Drive data capture for Fuller’s

We saw a significant uptick of +4.1% in Guest Wi-Fi logins in participating venues for this campaign compared to the previous year which demonstrated the positive impact of the Predictor campaign on driving customer engagement during game days.

The campaign successfully attracted a notable +21.1% new marketable users and +14.3% new users in Predictor venues compared to the previous year. This indicated increased engagement during guest visits and growth in the pub's marketing database.


This case study demonstrated the effectiveness of thoughtful partnerships and strategic planning in creating successful sports campaigns within the hospitality industry.

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