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The Challenge and Solution

Do you know exactly why your guests have decided to visit your bar or restaurant?

This is a problem we helped to solve for Dirty Martini!

Our Customer Success team recommended using a micro survey as part of the journey when guests login to the in-venue Wi-Fi.

A short, simple and easy to answer question was added, simply asking their guests one question:

"How did you hear about Dirty Martini?" 🍸


The survey ran for 45 days across all of their 11 sites, and then all 7382 responses were pushed into their CRM to help them personalise marketing and segment communications to their guests.

Check out the results - most guests discovered Dirty Martini via a search engine, showing the importance of having a great online presence, social media, fantastic reviews and an SEO optimised website.


Nataliya Varenova, Digital Marketing Manager at Dirty Martini, said:

“Thanks to Wireless Social, we could collect more than 7k guests’ opinions in less than two months! Thanks to the record survey completion rates, we managed to get valuable data on how our customers discovered our brand.”

Get in Touch

If you’d like to use Wireless Social’s survey feature for your business please get in touch below and our team will be happy to help!