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Benchmarking Report Q2 2023

Discover key industry insights from Wi-Fi data


In Q2 2023, we saw a 2% increase in new users across the whole industry compared to Q1. To gain a deeper understanding and valuable insights on industry standards, download our Q2 2023 Benchmarking report. It offers a glimpse of 'what good looks like', allowing you to position yourself confidently in the competitive landscape and concentrate on meaningful metrics. In addition, this quarter's report features a closer look at cafés and their performance throughout Q2 in comparison to Q1. Unlock the power of your data with Insights Plus and stay ahead of the game with our invaluable data and insights.

Insights plus

Insights Plus equips hospitality operators with a vital toolkit to unlock the full potential of guest Wi-Fi data in the industry. This platform enables operators to closely track essential metrics including opt-in rates, average logins, and the distinction between new and returning users throughout their estate. It also offers the invaluable capability to benchmark their performance within the hospitality sector.

Supported by an expansive network comprising more than 600 multi-site operators, Insights Plus empowers decision-makers at the highest level with the essential information they need. Make well-informed choices, and steer strategies to new heights with Insights Plus.

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