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Why should guests stay longer in your venue? Take a guess...


With Predictor the fun starts the moment your guest logs in to your Wi-Fi.

Call the result of the day's main event, and they'll win rewards from the brands they love.

You get customers that stay for longer, spend more and keep coming back.

All at no cost to your venue.

We predict you'll be pretty happy with that.

How it works

Benefits for both drinks brands and venues

    • Low cost way for trial of the product

    • Transfer consumers to a new product from competitors

    • Higher chance of consumers sticking to the same drink for longer

    • Data collection for brand teams

    • Insight into consumer drinking patterns

    • Support venues to drive bookings and increase spend per head

    • End to end tracking and ROI proofing on campaigns

    • Ability to track behaviour journeys and drive advocacy with the brand

    • Track the full campaign journey

    • Increase data opt-ins with incentive

    • Target and promote to specific segments

    • Guests spend longer in your venue

    • Increase loyalty to the venue and increased spend and visit frequency

    • Understand who is visiting the pub, not just the lead booker

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