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Game on with Activate: Elevate your hospitality venue’s game day experience


The ultimate solution to supercharge your Guest Wi-Fi experience


Game days? Game on!

Imagine game day at your hospitality venue - a lively crowd gathered around big-screen TVs, cheering on their favourite teams while enjoying mouth watering food and drinks. These moments bring in good revenue, but here’s the challenge: how do you turn these occasional visitors into regulars who drop by for weekday lunches or dinners?

In a world where costs are rising, we understand the challenges faced by both consumers and hospitality venues. That’s why we have developed Activate - a powerful tool designed for hospitality venues to boost revenue and make game days even better. 

Game On with Activate by Wireless Social

The winning strategy - say hello to Activate

Meet Activate - your game-changing teammate. It has three parts: Perks, Predictor and Publicise.

Let’s break down how each can raise your game.

Perks: delight guests and keep them coming back

Think about making your Wi-Fi even better. With Perks, you can surprise guests with special deals and freebies via your guest Wi-Fi. Let’s say Alex, an avid football enthusiast, visits your venue to catch his favourite team’s upcoming game.

As Alex logs into the Wi-Fi, welcome him with a voucher for a free pint of Asahi. Alex gets a treat, and you have just given him a reason to want to come back for all his favourite games. 

Predictor: engage through gamification 

Enter Predictor - a feature that transforms your Wi-Fi into an interactive game zone. Guests can predict scores and outcomes and if they are right; they win. Imagine Nikki, a devoted six-nations rugby fan, connecting to your Wi-Fi during the Ireland versus England game.

As she connects, she is invited to predict the winning team, because who can resist a friendly competition? Nikki gets her friends in on the action, pulling them onto the Wi-Fi for some lively engagement. While enjoying the game, the drinks, the food and the atmosphere, Nikki and her friends are truly enjoying their day out.  

The game is over and Nikki wins the prediction game which earns her a voucher, extending their stay. With Predictor, you're not just enhancing the customer journey and cultivating a vibrant ambiance; you're also encouraging lengthier visits that give a boost to your revenue.

Publicise: unlock new revenue streams

Turn your guest Wi-Fi into an advertising platform. Let’s go back to the Rugby World Cup where you have partnered with Asahi, sponsor of the event. Through Publicise, as Alex and Nikki connect to your Wi-Fi, they are presented with an Asahi advertisement showcasing their latest premium beer.

This not only expands your partner’s reach but also introduces a new revenue stream for your venue. As a bonus, it incentivises your guests and increase in-venue spend. 

Game On with Activate by Wireless Social

Behind the scenes with Activate

Your Wireless Social Wi-Fi is the hero here. It collects data about guests, recognises those who visit often, and allows you to personalise their experience with rewards and vouchers.

At the heart of Activate lies the essence of its operations - the place where campaigns seamlessly come together. Close the gap that turns quiet times into busy ones and silent game days into occasions where your loyal guests are confident in finding an exceptional experience.

By tapping into the capabilities of your guest Wi-Fi, you propel yourself to grow your community of loyal guests, securing your position as the ultimate destination for all things sports. 

Monitor, enhance, grow and repeat

The action doesn’t stop there - with the other Wireless Social products you can monitor and do more:

  • Look at how often people come back after they get an offer. For example, after Nikki has redeemed her voucher, know how often Nikki connects to the Wi-Fi after that.
  • Monitor the success of your campaigns by monitoring footfall and compare to average spend with Insights Plus
  • Keep connecting with Nikki and Alex through email campaigns after they redeemed their vouchers to keep them coming for more
  • Create look-a-like audiences to promote the next game day via Facebook and Instagram

Get started!

It’s like learning from a story to make things even better. Imagine the possibilities - or better yet, take the first step with Activate today!